Custom Intake Fields

As part of your Intake module, you have the ability to request custom fields! Custom fields can help you quickly organize new intake requests, getting projects out even faster.

How To Get Started

To set up Custom Intake Fields, head to the Manage section of Intake and then click Custom Intake Fields.




Creating Custom Fields

Organizations can add as many Custom Intake fields as needed! The process for creating Custom Intake Fields and Custom Intake Note Fields is the same. Fields can be marked as Required or Optional, and each field must be one of the following types:

  • Short Text
    • Users can submit text characters
    • Best used for short responses of a few sentences or less.


  • Long Text
    • Users can submit text characters
    • Best used for long responses allowing users to thoroughly explain or provide detailed information.image3.png
  • Date
    • Users can select a date using a calendar date picker, or a date can be entered manually.
    • Date format is: DD/MM/YYYY


  • Number
    • Users can only enter numerical values


  • Currency
    • Users can only enter numerical values


  • Header
    • Provide a category title for groups of Custom Intake Fields


  • Subheader
    • Provide a category subtitle within groups of Custom Intake Fields


To arrange your Custom Fields, use the up and down arrows in the Order column.



Within the Intake module, the first two and the last Intake fields are static and cannot be modified, removed or reordered. These fields include: Request Name, Category of your Request, and Attachments

Custom field names cannot exceed 100 characters, including spaces.

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