Choosing Your Project Type

When creating Projects, you will now be able to choose between starting from a Template, creating a blank Strategic Sourcing Project or creating a blank Price Only Project.


NOTE: A Strategic Sourcing Project cannot be converted to a Price Only Project.

Start from a Template

Bonfire makes it easier than ever to access your existing Project Templates. Select a template from the start to cut down on the amount of repetitive work needed to launch a project quickly.

Strategic Sourcing Projects

Strategic Sourcing Projects include Bonfire's most comprehensive features, such as Multi-Category Decision projects, Consensus Scoring and more! Designed for complex or critical projects, Strategic Sourcing Projects are our most powerful tool.

Price Only Projects

Price-only Bidding Projects are streamlined and efficient. They include a curation of Bonfire's most essential features, and are designed to get your straightforward projects launched quickly and easily.

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