Choosing Your Project Type

Bonfire is excited to release a new project type designed to help you centralize your spend, increase internal compliance and run projects even more efficiently than ever before! 

When creating Projects, you will now be able to choose between Strategic Sourcing Projects and Price Only Projects.


NOTE: A Strategic Sourcing Project cannot be converted to a Price Only Project.

Strategic Sourcing Projects

Strategic Sourcing Projects include Bonfire's most comprehensive features, such as Multi-Category Decision projects, Consensus Scoring and more! Designed for complex or critical projects, Strategic Sourcing Projects are our most powerful tool.

Price Only Projects

Price-only Bidding Projects are streamlined and efficient. They include a curation of Bonfire's most essential features, and are designed to get your projects launched quickly and easily.

Video Disclaimer

The following video does not show the Strategic Sourcing Project and Price Only Project selector. Please note that you will need to select Strategic Sourcing Project in order to access Bonfire's full functionality as shown in the following videos.

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