Bonfire Community Projects

Bonfire Community Projects

Feature Summary

Community Projects is a page listing all the public projects across the Bonfire client network. Users can search and filter to locate relevant projects, see the project description, all the related public information, and access public documents. 

  • Instant access to all public projects across the Bonfire client network
  • Help procurement professionals during the market research and documents drafting process with projects details and bid documents from other organizations
  • Easily search through open, closed, and awarded public projects across the entire Bonfire community
  • Enable everyone to share the best practices and good bid documents to develop a sense of community

Accessing Community Projects

The Community Projects feature can be found on the Projects Dashboard page in the left navigation menu. This is where users can browse public projects within the Bonfire Client Network.


Once the Community Projects feature is selected, projects are displayed in the portal with the option to “See details” and “View” each project.


See Details

Clicking on the ‘See Details' button will expand the Project card to show additional information like the project description and the list of all locations



Clicking on the ‘View’ button navigates users to the public view of the project on a new browser tab. Users can access all the public information from the organization and download the documents. 


Searching and Filtering Projects

Searching for Projects

Users can search for projects based on the project title and description by typing in the search bar.

To cancel a search, either use the ESC key or the “x” in the search bar. Cancelling the search will clear the search results. 


Filtering Projects

There are 4 ways to filter projects using the "Show Filter" button:

  • Searching by statuses: Open, Closed, Cancelled, and Awarded projects. By default, the filters will be set to “All”.
  • Project Type: Similar to the Status filter, users can filter the project cards using the different project types
  • Organizations: Users can use this filter to select one or multiple organizations
  • Location: Users can filter projects based on locations. They can either be filtered by states in the US and also by provinces in Canada. 



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