How to Submit Interest in Subcontracting

The Interest in Subcontracting feature allows you to submit your interest in being a subcontractor for a project on the project listing page. This allows vendors to connect with interested subcontractors outside of Bonfire, which in term helps subcontractors to participate in the sourcing process.

The Subcontractor Listing can be found beneath Public Document Takers on the Opportunity page. Here you can see which vendors have already submitted their interest in providing subcontracting services to the opportunity.


The listing displays all the Vendors that have put forward an Interest in Subcontracting. This listing is visible to both the Buyers and the Vendors. For Vendors that are interested in participating by fulfilling certain aspects of the project, an Interest in Subcontracting serves as a useful alternative to Intent to Bid. An Interest in Subcontracting indicates the Vendor's interest in being contacted to fulfil specific requirements or responsibilities of the projects. This opens up more opportunities for the Buyers and Vendors to find a good match. It also allows Buyers to build vendor diversity more efficiently. 

Unlike an Intent to Bid, you do not submit any documents to indicate your interest in subcontracting. Instead, you are only required to indicate the service(s) offered and any other information that you were required to provide during registration. 

To submit your interest in subcontracting, scroll to the bottom of the opportunity page and click on the Interest in Subcontracting tab within the Submissions and Subcontracting section. Here, your information from your profile will automatically populate. The only thing you need to fill in are what service(s) you can provide for the opportunity.


Once you have filled in the service(s) you can offer, click submit.

NOTE: The subcontracting feature is not available on every project. If you do not see the Interest in Subcontracting tab on an opportunity page, that means that the project owner has not enabled it for that specific project.

If a Buyer is interested in making a subcontracting offer, the Buyer can contact the Vendor using the information available under Subcontractor Listing or any other external channels outside Bonfire. Bonfire does not manage any further processes regarding subcontracting. 


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