Bonfire's Project Creation Flow

Bonfire's Project Creation Flow is a guided project setup experience intended to make complex project creation easier than ever, with robust features allowing multiple stakeholders to be involved with a project's setup while maintaining the highest standards of compliance.

Key Features

Consistent Look and Feel to Project Creation

    • All project creation and setup settings are now accessible prior to the project's publication, ensuring that projects are completed and ready before their launch.

Better Draft Projects

    • Drafted projects will now allow you to make changes previously only available to Published projects. Project Drafts and Templates are also now easier to use and more accessible, improving opportunities for consistent collaboration as well as reducing potential for error or the need to re-do frequent work.
    • Project Drafts can now be created using Project Templates directly from an Intake request.

Collaboration Functionality

    • Simple, user-controlled access ensure that everyone who needs to access a project - and only those users - can make changes or edits to a project.

Start Any Type of Project With One Click


  • All project creations options can now be found in one central location, ensuring ease of access for all users.

Major Changes

Project Creation Flow is all-new, and some previously familiar elements of project setup have been updated to reflect our new capabilities. You can read updated articles below:


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